‘Suburban Serial Killer’, Just in Time For Halloween!



Welcome to Melville, one community, one family. Here in Melville, we welcome everyone with open arms and a friendly smile. You can choose from one of our 3 different housing styles: ‘Old English’, ‘Country Farm’, or mix it up with our ‘Adobe’ style for some Latin flare. You are sure to fall in love with our local amenities; including a 50’s style barbershop, deli, and our very own local theater. With our own police dispatch, you can rest easy knowing your family is safe in Melville. Here in our beautiful, master-planned community you will finally feel like you have come home.  Remember, one community, one family, Melville.

Indeed, the town of Melville was once a safe place, but not anymore. 5 murders have occurred within the past month, with no arrests yet to be made. Your team of detectives may be onto a lead but have to work fast before the killer strikes again. You must enter the alleged killer’s house and find enough evidence to pin these gruesome murders on him. You have to work as an efficient team to collect all the evidence before he comes home. You have 1 hour!

Just in time for the Halloween season, Orlando Escape Room ‘CSI: Suburban Serial Killer’ is one of the newest escape room concepts to be introduced to the Orlando area. Located at ‘Escape Room Entertainment’ in Lake Buena Vista, ‘CSI: Suburban Serial Killer’ is a challenging and suspenseful addition to the Orlando escape room industry. Can you stop Mr. Green before he strikes again, or are you doomed to be one of his next victims? Only time will tell!

From the moment you step inside Mr. Green’s living room, you can tell something is off. Things are simply too perfect, what is he trying to hide? As you delve further into his house and uncover more secrets, things start to become clearer and clearer. Mr. Green has plenty of skeletons in his closet.

If you are looking for something to do this Halloween that’s both exhilarating and creepy, I would highly suggest ‘CSI: Suburban Serial Killer’ at Orlando’s ‘Escape Room Entertainment’. It is an exciting game that is perfect for thrill seekers, suspense junkies and escape room enthusiasts alike. Do not miss out on this one of a kind escape experience. It’s simply SPOOK-tacular!!!

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